Commercial Operators Course | September 16-17, 2017



This certification process consists of three steps. It is designed not only to pass the knowledge exam but also feel confident in flying a small unmanned aircraft system.


Our instructors will provide you with the required knowledge to become a certified remote pilot. We limit the number of students (10) to promote discussion.


Each student will have the opportunity to fly with our instructors to further their knowledge level in a safe and supervised environment.

FAA Knowledge Exam

Once the course is complete, we assist students in scheduling their FAA aeronautical knowledge test at one of our approved knowledge testing centers.

10 Seats Available

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Available Course Dates

Our courses are usually offered once a month for your convenience. View our upcoming course dates and find which one works for you. Be sure to select which date you would like to sign up for at checkout.

What to do before the class

  • We recommend that students purchase and study “UAS Remote Pilot Test Prep” materials from ASA.
  • We also recommend student Remote Pilots bring a UAS operator log. ASA offers a logbook that provides record-keeping for commercial operations.
  • All of the above materials can be found online at

Testing Costs

  • The cost of the Remote Pilot Certification at FAA-approved knowledge testing centers is usually $150. With our course, the cost is included and can be scheduled at our co-located testing center at the time the course is taken.

Requirements To Become A Commercial Remote Pilot

  • Most people over the age of 16 can attend. The FAA requirements state that you must also be proficient in the English language and in a physical and mental condition to safely operate a small UAS. There is no FAA requirement for a medical exam.

I have a manned aircraft pilot certificate (Part 61)

  • If you have a pilot certificate for a manned aircraft, you do not need to take the test at an FAA-approved knowledge testing center. You may still take our course for the hands-on training if you are new to being a remote pilot, or if you want the flight experience.
  • For those with remote pilot experience and a part 61 certificate with a current flight review, there is a free training course on the FAA’s FAAST website here:

Subjects Covered

  • Regulations
  • Radio Communications
  • Weather
  • Airspace
  • Airport Operations
  • Loading & Performance
  • Aeronautical Decision-Making
  • sUAS Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Flying