Civil Service Operators Course | September 16-18, 2017



This certification process consists of three steps. It is designed not only to pass the knowledge exam but also feel confident in flying a small unmanned aircraft system.


Our instructors will provide you with the required knowledge to become a certified remote pilot. We limit the number of students (10) to promote discussion.


Each student will have the opportunity to fly with our instructors to further their knowledge level in a safe and supervised environment.

FAA Knowledge Exam

Once the course is complete, we assist students in scheduling their FAA aeronautical knowledge test at one of our approved knowledge testing centers.

16 Seats Available

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Civil Service sUAS Course

The Civil Service Part 107 course includes classroom instruction, practice exams for the written test, and multiple flights for a basic hands-on understanding of sUAS flight.  The knowledge areas covered in the classroom portion are:

  • Regulations
  •  Radio Communications
  •  Weather
  •  Airspace
  •  Airport Operations
  •  Aircraft Loading and Performance
  •  Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM)
  •  sUAS Operations
  • Maintenance.

The flying portion will be conducted using some of the newest aircraft and latest technology.  The training flights are conducted with guidance from highly trained instructor pilots in a one-on-one learning environment.


Public sUAS Supplement

The Commercial course provides instruction in all of the information a professional sUAS Operator needs to safely and efficiently operate for a commercial, or business entity.  The expanded course provides a more in-depth study of the differences between Recreational, Commercial, and Public Entity applications.  There are a different set of rules for a government, or public, sUAS operator.  Although it can be a difficult process to navigate on your own, UND has the experience and knowledge to ensure your operation will comply with all FAA safety and regulatory guidance to operate safely, legally, and efficiently from the start.


UND’s Public Aircraft Operator course supplements the Commercial Part 107 course and educates the Public Operator on the proper procedures directly relevant to their application.  The few extra hours spent in the supplemental course allow for a focused, application based discussion with the instructors. The Public sUAS Operator needs to be aware of all of the Part 107 requirements but also needs to know the processes in place for operations under a COA and the process to obtain it.  Our program is the first to recognize and provide a solution to this need.